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15 Feb 2023

Moonshot Inspiration Toward A Promising Future The UAE's Head Of The Cyber Security Council Represents The Council At The Ministerial Panel Discussion On Accelerating Moonshot Inspiration

The UAE Government Cybersecurity Council participated in a session entitled "Accelerating Moonshot inspiration dialogues", which was held within the framework of the World Government Summit 2023, hosted by Dubai from February 13 to 15.

In the presence of the Head of the Cybersecurity Council of the UAE Government, His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, and a number of officials represented by Her Excellency Huda Al Hashemi, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs, United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Akylbek Japarov, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, His Excellency Naadir Hassan, Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Trade, Republic of Seychelles, His Excellency Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education, Arab Republic of Egypt, and His Excellency Oulimata Sarr, Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation, Republic of Senegal.

The discussion focused on the radical moonshot thinking and how the breakthrough thinking will faster exponential innovation and inspires countries to envision the future and uncover transformational solutions to global challenges in fields such as health, education, climate change, and technology. The discussion tackled if governments are ready to implement the new transformational moonshots and how it will play an important role in building resilient and ambitious future generations.

Participants in the dialogue session discussed how to make a quantum leap in the way governments think, and the need for governments to reintroduce creative ideas, accelerate them, and apply their solutions to address pressing global challenges, in order to ensure the promotion of innovation and creativity, and inspire countries with solutions that anticipate future challenges and accelerate the process of change

Participants in the session stressed the need for governments to have a forward-looking vision embodied in planning for the future, stressing that full digital transformation will be necessary in the near future, calling for work to develop it to make it a safe transformation, with the adoption of modern technology in economics and politics through the implementation of programs to accelerate the process of change.

H.E. Huda Al Hashemi pointed out that the dialogues carry an ambitious concept, referred to as "innovative ambitious thinking", which is an imperative necessity to solve the thorny and highly complex challenges facing the world today, by exploring innovative ambitions rather than just troubleshooting.