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21 Jan 2023

Organized By The Cyber Security Council As Part Of Intersec 2023 UAE Cyber Drills Competition Enters Guinness World Records As The Largest Cybersecurity Simulation

The 24th edition of Intersec 2023, the Intersec is the world's leading trade fair for Safety, Security & Fire Protection, concluded in Dubai on Thursday 19 January, in the presence of local, regional, and international sector leaders and experts, and the participation of more than 1,000 exhibitors from 55 different countries.

The Cyber Security Council pavilion "Cyber Zone" at Intersec, which was organized in cooperation with the strategic partner of the UAE Government's Cyber Security Council, witnessed an intensive presence of cyber security solutions experts, local, regional, and international leaders, experts from the public and private sectors, cyber consultants, in addition to cyber security economists and corporate buyers.

The Cyber Security Council provided During the conference sessions and through the special exhibition booth, an extensive explanation of the pioneering and innovative initiatives it launched in the field of cyber security and the protection of digital assets that explain the vision of the UAE government to maintain the safety and security of industry, government, and institutions, such as the UAE Cyber Pulse initiative, which recently won the nomination for the WSIS Prize 2023.

During the conference, the Cyber Security Council also organized the "Cyber Drills" competition for novices and professionals, which is a set of cyber capabilities tests and measurements in order to respond to security incidents, which was considered one of the largest competitions to simulate cyber security attacks. this event was nominated to enter the Guinness Book of Records after the competition witnessed a large participation of professionals and novices, as 150 participants from government employees and university students at the state level participated within four main axes, namely encryption challenges, server attack, and engineering. Each day was dedicated to simulating one of the security challenges in the sectors of education, space, communications, application security, energy, transportation, and others.

This competition is a continuation of the set of cyber drills exercises, which form part of the comprehensive strategy of the UAE Government's Cyber Security Council, through which it aims to qualify cadres capable of protecting cyber security and providing an integrated and secure cyber security infrastructure in the UAE.