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Initiative Cyber Drills

The UAE Cyber Security Council implemented the Defensive Shield initiative, the first of its kind that contributes to supporting various vital sectors in the country, especially the education, health, and economic sectors, and protecting them against cyber-attacks through a series of measures that keep pace with the highest international standards.

In cooperation with strategic partners from educational institutions and national universities in the country in the education sector and universities. As it aims to qualify students from information security disciplines and build their capabilities to play key roles in the field of cyber security for state institutions in order to identify monitoring and response mechanisms in a way that enhances the readiness of educational institutions for various digital incidents.

The national e-training contributed to students learning the basics of security operations centers, overcoming cyber threats, analyzing traffic, and more, and also participated in exercises to test their skills and knowledge. This is part of a series of "Protective Shield" exercises aimed at enhancing the response of various vital sectors in the country. As well as the "Protective Shield" exercise in the education sector is part of the simulation exercises for cyberattacks, with the aim of identifying monitoring and response mechanisms, in a way that enhances the readiness of educational institutions to deal with cyber incidents and respond to them proactively and professionally.

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of the Cyber Security Council of the UAE Government said "The Defensive Shield exercise in the education sector and the wide participation in the training reflect the great interest in raising the efficiency of all participating work teams, in addition to enhancing coordination to deal with cyber threats and incidents, and developing appropriate proactive plans to deal with various scenarios and ensure the readiness of cyber operations centers".

Thus, the "Defensive Shield" initiative is in addition to a series of creative and promising initiatives launched by the "Cyber Security Council" in the United Arab Emirates since its establishment under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti.