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Cyber Security Information Sharing Framework

The increased connectivity of cyberspace has led to significant transformations, economies of scale and efficiencies across the UAE - and around the world. It has also increased the complexity of our shared cybersecurity threats. As a global leader in ICT adoption, the UAE confronts a dangerous combination of known and unknown vulnerabilities in cyberspace. In addition, threats (natural and man-made, deliberate, and unintentional) are rapidly becoming more diverse and capable, increasing both the frequency, sophistication, magnitude, and consequences of cybersecurity incidents. 

There is a growing awareness of cybersecurity risk and its implications for national and international security. The sharing or exchange of cybersecurity information is therefore seen as an increasingly critical component in reducing cybersecurity risks across the UAE government and Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).

The Council has developed this framework to establish a National Cybersecurity Information Sharing Framework to promote and institutionalize cybersecurity information sharing and collaboration across multiple stakeholders. This framework is aligned with the UAE’s national priority to be a global leader in cyber security and will enhance the security posture of organizations and individuals across the UAE.

The framework sets out to promote timely and secure exchange of cybersecurity information such as risks, threats, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, best practices, and lessons learned. Additionally, it focuses on promoting a decentralized, distributed, and coordinated environment enabling stakeholders across a diverse ecosystem to exchange cybersecurity information to strengthen the security and resilience of the UAE's cyberspace. It builds on existing practices and outlines the best practices for new information sharing capabilities for the UAE.