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National Cyber Security Accreditation Program

The UAE is committed to the further development of its digital infrastructure, as well as its cyberspace, to support economic development and provide an environment where the interests of its government, businesses, and citizens can thrive. The National Cyber Security Accreditation Program (NCAP) is an initiative that aims to cultivate trust in the UAE cyber ecosystem through raising its security maturity in a transparent way. Based on international best practice, the program balances security and efficiency in this national level assurance effort.

The NCAP will enable UAE government and Entities the ability to demonstrate their conforming to baseline cyber security requirements, and grant the ability to work with provider entities who also conform to baseline cyber security requirements. This national level baseline will provide assurance to stakeholders that these entities adhere to best practices and will continue to maintain a minimum standard of cyber security maturity. This will ensure a consistent level of cyber security services are provided across the country, driving up standards and quality of service across the UAE.

The framework aims to build confidence among consumers and stakeholders (owners, partners, citizens, etc.) for accredited entities and raise national cyber maturity across the UAE. An Independent Assessors Program (IAP) will be launched to play a force-multiplication role in rolling out and maintaining the NCAP Program throughout the UAE. This document outlines various components of the NCAP, including implementation and maintenance, giving a high-level overview of the following:

  • The program elements including the national capability, including the framework model, and the related independent assessor program.
  • The dual-track process for gaining accreditation, methods of auditing and maintaining accreditation, the self-assessment process and the supporting controls framework.
  • The monitoring and evaluation mechanism at a national level towards continued conformance and performance measurement.