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29 Jun 2023

The UAE participated in the 2023 Cyber Week Conference through the "Crystal Ball"

H. E. Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwait, Head of the UAE Government Cyber Security Council, delivered the UAE’s speech at the keynote session of the conference "Cybersecurity Week 2023", hosted by Tel Aviv University with the participation of policymakers, diplomats, and heads of international institutions from around the world, to discuss prospects for cybersecurity and study new trends and innovative solutions to address potential cyber threats.

During the conference, H. E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwait stated that cyber threats do not discriminate between States, entities, or individuals, and therefore require enhanced international cooperation between the public and private sectors to address these threats aimed at destroying the infrastructure and critical sectors of societies. And he stressed the importance of intensifying joint efforts and developing effective cybersecurity strategies to achieve digital security and confront growing cybercrime challenges.

During his participation in the conference, the delegation of the UAE Cyber Security Council presented the UAE's experience, contributions, and efforts in promoting cybersecurity and protecting its digital infrastructure, stressed the importance of international cooperation to address growing cyber challenges, and discussed possible cooperation.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti also highlighted that "Crystal Ball" enables partner countries to easily and seamlessly share cybersecurity information, and contributes to enhancing international cooperative efforts by combining capabilities, processing power, and data volume. Noting that cooperation with academia is important as it brings together all stakeholders within the digital ecosystem under a shared vision and contributes to enhancing cooperation and coordination between countries, academic institutions, and private companies in the framework of a common vision to enhance cybersecurity and protect the digital infrastructure of nations.

On the sidelines of the Cyber Week conference, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the EliteCISOs and Cyber Together to expand this global community to include Israel, in the presence of H. E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwait and H. E. Oded Joseph, Deputy Director General, Head of Middle East Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel. This strategic partnership aims to strengthen digital capabilities and improve responsiveness to growing cyber threats through the exchange of information and expertise and the development of joint strategies to detect, prevent and respond effectively to cyberattacks.

It is worth noting that Cyber Week is an annual international conference that serves as a platform to celebrate the leading experts and researchers in the field of cybersecurity from all over the world. The conference aims to exchange knowledge and explore new trends in cybersecurity, enhance international cooperation in cybersecurity practices, and improve digital capabilities to confront cyber threats.